this company was founded to . . .

“. . . promote and pursue the art of live performance and thereby provide  opportunities for enthusiasts of all levels of experience in the theatre and its  associated arts to collaborate in the creation of exciting, challenging and  fulfilling presentations to a high standard.”


and its mission is . . .

. . . to provide access for the community to live performances of contemporary theatre in its widest sense -  to take theatre to the people - to promote and perform all kinds of dramatic works especially those not frequently available but for which we believe there is a need and desire


Our aims are . . .

To enrich the life of the community about us by embracing a programme which will  educate the public in the dramatic arts and further the development of the public  appreciation of the arts.

To complement and supplement the work of others in order to widen the cultural  experience.

To generate a congenial environment within which its Members may fully express,  nurture and enjoy their creative potential to the greater benefit of themselves and their  audience.

To seek to extend the Company’s policy of education and appreciation of performing & allied arts and local culture to other established centres of education within the community.

To maintain an open-minded approach to its selection of theatrical events, presenting  work from the dramatic canon, with that by newer writers and original material of  worth.

To ensure at all times that the creation and presentation of live theatre by the  Company is an enjoyable experience for all.



Full Membership is open to any person who wishes to participate in the Company’s  enterprise and who can demonstrate an acceptable talent which will contribute to and  further the work of the Company.